„It is not a matter of going through the wall with your head, but of finding the door with your eyes.“ (Werner v. Siemens)

Globalization, the rapidly growing demands for sustainable business and increasingly complex business processes all contribute to the fact that good eyes are needed in order not to loose the overview in the business world. conop 13 GmbH offers you competent advice from various perspectives around aluminium.

We accompany you in the expansion and conversion of your company and depending on the task, we take suitable partners on board.
The focus of our activities is on analysing and implementing in the arears of market, sales and purchasing, as well as site assessments and optimisation of your CO 2 footprint.

Our claim:
Finding the door that leads your company to success.

Market Analysis

Opportunity and risk analysis of the existing customer and product portfolio

Analysis of the growth potential

Customer analysis

Analysis of the competitive environment including market entry barriers

Identify potential partners / acquisition candidates

Analysis in the area of purchasing / supply chain